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Our claim is: “Choose certainty. Add value.” One of the ways in which we aim to add value is by updating you regularly on a variety of topics – from current developments in standardization to interpretations of directives and regulations, including their specific changes and timelines and how they impact on your business.
And we also invite you to trade shows and exhibitions, such as MEDICA in Dusseldorf, where you can meet our experts and ask your questions face to face. Our customer events and webinars offer in-depth information on specialist topics, mostly free of charge. Informative white papers and helpful checklists are available, offering valuable assistance to you and your business.

One way of providing this information is our blog, which can be accessed online at any time and informs you on request, whenever a new contribution is published. On the other hand, we also contact you individually by email. However, in the future we will need your explicit consent to do so.

Choose certainty. Add value. Let us be your partner and give us your consent, so that we can continue to supply you with this important information. Click on the following link and say “Yes!”

Dr. Peter Havel

Dr. Peter Havel

Managing Director TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH

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